24. - 28. September 2024, Ostrava, Czech Republic                           

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OPENCALL: 1. 3. - 31. 7. 2024

The world around us cannot always be explained in words. Fortunately, we have other ways to reflect on the things around us. A moving image, especially in conjunction with various art techniques, can perfectly show what happens beyond the boundaries of stories, where our inner and outer world is perceived through original composition, rhythm, dynamics, colour, shapes, relationships, or thoughts. Show your own view of what others see completely differently and enter your work in the TrikFilm competition.

Everything that is shot window to window and frame by frame is a fascinating world of fantasy that comes to life in front of the viewers. Animation is a creative tool for sharing the individual experiences of stories. We look forward to your cartoons, modelled, pixelated, and otherwise animated stories in the TrikFilm competition.

Do you focus on experimentation, creating a moving image, especially on connecting the material world with the virtual world? Do you take advantage of various techniques and environments that you combine and overlap and can push the boundaries of motion graphics formally and in content? Enter your works in our competition.

TrikFilm focuses on the presentation of lighting design and mapping in all its forms in the interior and exterior. Are you experimenting with light projection? We will be glad if you register your projects for our festival.

In addition to finished games and interactive projects, we also accept prototypes, or concepts for the competition. These should be equipped with a trailer, a playable part, graphic designs and a script, or strategy.




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